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We are called to spread the good news, to look for opportunities to serve, to help, heal, and nurture others. We are called to spread love and kindness. "Church" has often overemphasized getting people into heaven to the neglect of getting heaven into earth. The true measure of the faith of North Shore is not how many people attend, but how many serve the least, the last, and the lost. To Jesus, the church was an active verb and not a passive noun. His followers practiced missional evangelism and so do we. The very place that you are standing right now is holy ground. We understand that our mission is not to get the world into the church, but to get the church into the world! The world will see the relevance of the gospel when the people of Jesus fully embrace the biblical mandate to love like Jesus. Then we come together to rejoice and praise God!

  • Can you dig it - Uganda

    North Shore has a heart for Uganda and has been blessed to partner with Uganda Tree of Life to bring clean water and spiritual renewal to our brothers and sisters in Africa!

    Located in Eastern Uganda in a predominately Muslim community, this group of pastors and Christian leaders has been serving the spiritual needs by pastoring and planting evangelical Christian churches. We do so by providing Christian primary school education to several hundred underprivileged children and providing Christian leadership development through a Bible School. A growing medical clinic and child sponsorship ministry ensures the well-being of the children and the community. New partnership projects are moving the ministry towards sustainability through farming and small business enterprise development. Each year up to 25 men and 25 women complete a 12 month Christian Bible School that provides a strong foundation for the spiritual life of the community. Additionally, the students learn life skills and marketable skills for earning family income TOL’s vision is to see all people in their area in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and see the love of Jesus expressed through compassionate ministries. 

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  • Go mad - Dominican republic

    Our church travels to the Dominican Republic annually to partner with Go MAD Ministries in their fight against human exploitation!

    Go MAD (Make A Difference) is a not-for-profit organization based out of Texas established to restore hope and create opportunity for exploited and vulnerable individuals and their communities. Human exploitation is defined as people being used as a resource with no consideration of their well-being.  This typically involves them being exploited for forced labor or sex and includes both children and adults. Go MAD seek to change the trajectory of lives through education, job training, health care, and counseling for those effected by exploitation.  They also want to provide awareness that drives action for those in a position to affect change.  By doing this, they can give the hope of a better future and change generations to come. Founders Chantz & Renee Cutts believe that as Christians not only can we Make A Difference, but that it is our duty to Make A Difference in the lives of others.

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    Interested in being the Hands and Feet in the Dominican Republic?

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  • god's child - guatemala

    Our church travels to Guatemala annually to partner with The God's Child Project in their mission to reach children and families in intense poverty!

    Founded in Bismarck, North Dakota in 1991, The GOD’S CHILD Project (GCP) is a non-denominational organization reaching children and families in intense poverty. GCP provides essential care for thousands of children, widows, single mothers and families in GuatemalaEl SalvadorIndiaMalawi, and the United States. In addition, GCP’s Institute for Trafficked, Exploited, & Missing Persons (ITEMP) prevents and rescues victims of human trafficking. Dedicated to sustainable and permanent changes, GCP has established an international presence in these poverty-stricken countries by providing education, healthcare, basic needs, emergency disaster relief, human rights services and family care. GCP’s efforts create stability and growth in broken areas of the world.

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