labyrinth - the walking prayer

The labyrinth is a model or metaphor for life. The Christian life is often described as a pilgrimage or journey with God. It's a journey where we can grow closer in relationship with God and in turn closer to others.

In life, as in the labyrinth, we don’t know where the path will take us. We don’t foresee the twists and turns that the future holds, but we know that the path will eventually arrive at the center -God. Sometimes the path leads inward toward the ultimate goal only to lead outward again. We meet others along the path and some we meet face-to-face by stepping aside to let them pass. Some catch up to us and pass us from behind, while others we pass along the way. At the center we rest, watch others, and pray. Sometimes we stay at the center a long time and other times we leave quickly. 

Ways to use the labyrinth

  1. Ask God a question upon entering and then listen for an answer. For example: Ask God what he wants to tell you and listen for an answer.
  2. Pray for yourself on the way in, stop to experience God’s love in the center, and pray for others on the way out (or vice versa).
  3. Recite the Lord’s Prayer as you walk. (Instead, you may recite some familiar scripture. Repeat it as you walk.)
  4. As you move toward the center of the labyrinth, focus on letting go of distractions or worries that keep you from God. In the center, spend time reflecting on your relationship with God. Be aware of God’s presence. Then, you will sense the need to move out into the world again. As you leave, walk with Jesus back into the places of ordinary life.