August Spiritual Practices

August Spiritual Practices

Practicing God’s Presence. 

The practice of experiencing and recognizing God through his invisible presence and total provision in all of life, and acknowledging his control over its every facet, as one endeavors to live and work on earth in union with God.  Father, Son, Holy Spirit and you.

These scripture practices might be helpful to you before you prepare to sit in silence:

Exodus 33:15-16; 

John 1:14; 

Romans 8:15-16; 

Ephesians 6:18.

Dedicate 30 minutes of quiet. Find a place you will not be disturbed. Focus on your breath. Notice the sounds around you and when you are distracted bring you focus back to the breath. Ask Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to enter into God’s presence, so that you might be at one, as you were created to be. May God bless and consecrate this time.