Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

North Shore UMC: State of the Church Announcement

                                    Re-launching Church on May 31, 2020

We will begin the slow process of re-launching worship. For those over 65 and those with compromised health conditions or anyone who feels at risk being in a public gathering at this time should feel validated and affirmed to remain at home. Our on-line worship will continue and we will be moving into a live streamed worship service in the next few weeks. Persons of all ages if you are feeling sick, running a temperature, please wait to return until you are feeling better.

                        This is what you can expect on Sunday May 31st.

8:30 Contemplative Service will remain via Zoom. (visit our website to connect)

9:15 worship will be held on the Pavilion. 

11:15 worship will be held in the Sanctuary 

There are many guide-lines that we must adhere to at this time.

  • The worship spaces and bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected prior to worship and in between. Because we are worshipping in different areas we will not have to disinfect our worship spaces until after our worship services end. Hand Sanitizer will be available in each location but bring your own if you have it. (It is in short supply) Anti-bacterial soap will be in all bathrooms.
  • Two individuals who are not members of the same household but who are attending together can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats (or six feet separation) empty on either side. 
  • Individuals must have 2 seats empty on either side.
  • Alternate rows between attendees will be left empty.
  • Families may sit together as a group as long as there is a two-chair separation between other attendees not in the family.
  • The use of masks is strongly encouraged, but not required. However, if you wish to participate in congregational singing please wear a mask.
  • Our front doors, Sanctuary doors and bathroom doors will be open (with modesty) to reduce the risk of touch to these surfaces. 
  • We will not have nursery, childcare, or Sunday School classes for at least the first few weeks.
  • Unfortunately, we will not have the coffee bar until guidelines dictate it will be safe to do so. Our kitchen will be closed so that we can keep it disinfected for our meal ministry.
  • We will not have a paper bulletin or use the hymnals: all liturgy will be projected.  Paper copies of prayer requests and North Shore weekly news will be available. These will also be in our North Shore News Blast each week.  
  • We will not pass offering plates.  Instead, there will be baskets located outside worship for your offerings to be placed in. (we do appreciate your continued support of North Shore)
  • We will not be able to pass the peace in the manner we are accustomed.  We will find interesting ways to celebrate being together with one another!
  • All families, including children, will sit together. Since there will not be nursery or child care for some time, all are welcome in worship!
  • Please maintain six feet of distance between individuals or family units in gathering areas.

If you have knowingly come in contact with someone with COVID 19, please continue to worship remotely.  Let us know as well so that we can offer prayer and support.

This is a long list I know, but again, in beginning to gather together, we want to take extra precautions in order that we don’t need to revert back to a solely remote worship experience.  

Registration cards will be placed on the seats. (bring your own pen if you don’t want to share) please register your attendance and drop that in the offering baskets.  The reason for this is pre-cautionary.  If there is an exposure to someone with COVID 19, we need to be able to contact you to alert you for your own safety.

In Mission with You,

Pastor Kim