July Spiritual Practices

July Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practice: Week of July 20. 30 minutes a day

Intentionally set aside 30 minutes each day where you are uninterrupted. Spend some time noticing any emotions you are feeling. If they are negative, anxious or angry give them away. Take each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer slowly and reflect on what Jesus was trying to get across to us. Spend time in prayer at each phrase. For instance “Our Father” is a good place to pray for our world, for individuals and in so doing we pray for ALL. Go through each phase and internalize what this means to you as a follower of Christ. 

Spiritual Practice: Week of July 26 Lectio Divina 

Read 1 Kings 19:2-18 (if you haven’t been in the Bible in a while don’t open that Kings James translation unless that has always been the translation that you prefer. You can go to biblegateway.com and I always suggest the NRSV or the Common English Bible translation.) 

Read the scripture slowly with the invitation that reading scripture is encountering God or hearing God’s voice. After the first read the words are familiar to you. 

Then read it again and listen with the ear of your heart for a word or phrase a special moment of the story that stands out for you. Who or what do you identify with? Then ask God how does this connect with my life, what do I need to know? What do you need me to hear? 

Read it again, and spend some time in quiet reflection. What does this passage say about God and about God’s relationship with people, especially you.