Kids Cove Staff

Kids Cove Staff

Sarah Montoya – Kids Cove Director

Hi!  My name is Sarah Montoya and I am a passionate early childhood educator with over 16 years of experience.  I have spent the last 6 years working as an integral part of a management team including as Director while raising four fun and lively children with my husband.  One of my highest goals in life is to build confidence in those around me with unwavering kindness while working with others to lay a foundation in each child’s life, enabling them to grow into confident and well-rounded individuals.  My desire is to build a team that will work together effectively to provide a safe, fun, and educational environment.  Being here at Kids Cove has been a tremendous blessing for myself as well as my family.  We have a truly amazing team, one that I feel honored to be a part of.  Welcome to Kids Cove!

Dedra Gaydos – Assistant Director and Teacher

My name is Dedra Gaydos and I am the Assistant Director at Kids Cove. I have been in child care for over 10 years and have a deep passion for helping children grow and succeed. I spent the first 7 years as a Pre-K teacher and then the last 3-4 years I have been an Assistant Director as well as a Curriculum Coordinator. I have two children who I enjoy spending my free time with. My children love to see all the deer in our yard and neighborhood. We are originally from Louisiana, but Texas is our home now. This is such a beautiful place to raise my children. I am so excited to be here and to be working with such a great team! The environment at Kids Cove is exceptional. I look forward to making many more memories here! 

Robin Martelli – Pre-K Teacher for the Turtle Room

I am Robin Martelli, or “Miss Robin”.  I have lived in Canyon Lake for 12 years.  I was a member and President of PTA for many years, as well as a Hawk Mom volunteer for youth at school, sports clubs, and my church, North Shore UMC.  I enjoy thrifting, sushi, and art activities.  My husband, Cory, sells Sonora insurance.  He is the voice of Hawk Friday Night Football.  He is also a member for Lots of Little Hawks.  My daughter, Sloan, is 25 years old.  She is kind, caring, and will be occasionally volunteering at Kids Cove.  My son, Chance, is a 17-year-old at CLHS.  He participates in many sports and is a good student.  I love being a part of the Kids Cove family and caring for your “Sea Turtle”!

Damious Bradshaw – Pre-K Teacher for the Turtle Room

Hello, my name is Damious Bradshaw.  I believe that creativity and imagination are key factors to shaping futures and also improving social skills.  During my free time I enjoy learning and creating different illusions/magic tricks for both adults and children to spark that creative part of the human mind.  A little background about myself; I left five days after high-school to go serve my time as a United States Marine, as many of my family members have served in our military.  I have two sisters and am the middle child.  Growing up with all women, I learned very fast the meaning of respect and also how to be a very orderly and caring individual.  I have also spent about 7 years of experience working directly with children through daycare as well as volunteering at my church as a youth team leader.  Working with children and being able to provide a helping hand in their growth in knowledge while bringing smiles to their faces has always been a dream of mine.  I am more than excited to be here at Kids Cove.

Kendall Felps – Preschool Teacher for the Seahorse Room

Hi!  My name is Kendall Felps and I am working on my 3rd year of being a preschool teacher.  I first started at Kids Cove in 2017 after graduating from Texas A&M University (Gig’ em!)  In May of 2018 I went to work in Colorado at a summer camp in the Rockies for 4 months.  After that I moved to Prague in the Czech Republic to teach English to kids of all ages.  After finishing my semester of teaching I traveled Europe full time and returned to Texas in December of 2019.  I am happy to be back in my hometown of Canyon Lake, and also am excited to be back at Kids Cove!  It’s grown so much while I’ve been away, and I can’t wait to see how much more it will grow in the future.

Carolyn Harper – Preschool Teacher for the Seahorse Room

My name is Carolyn Harper, I am a believer of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and an active member of the Tree of Life Church in New Braunfels.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Clinton, and have been a teacher for 19 years.  I enjoy drawing, painting, teaching, studying the Bible and reading.  I came to teaching after my youngest son went into public school.  I found myself with all this free time and one of my friends asked if I would like to teach at her Mother’s Day Out program.  As they say, “It took” and I have been teaching ever since.  I like to say that God pushed me into it.  It has been a pleasure to be a part of the children’s and parent’s lives for 19 years now and I am looking forward to many more to come.

Patti Johnson – Toddler Teacher for the Dolphin Room

Hi, I am Miss Patti.  Being one of 30 cousins, I did a lot of babysitting growing up.  I also helped my mom with Sunday school and VBS at our church.  I have four children; two older step-sons, my son Luke who is an 9th grader this year and my daughter Alyssa who is a 5th grader this year.  I have worked in daycare with all ages, different church preschools, and church nurseries for several years.  My family and I are members of North Shore UMC and I have been their nursery care worker on Sundays for four years now.  I look at Kids Cove not just as a job, but a ministry!  I like to plan ahead and believe in consistency.  I love being little ones first teacher and helping them work on learning their colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.  I have been married to Chris Johnson for 16 years and we have lived in Canyon Lake for 13 years.  I have been a Girl Scout Troup Leader for 6 years.  When I am not taking care of precioius little ones or helping the scouts, I enjoy working in my yard.  My birthday is November 4th and my favorite color is teal. 

Emily Lansford – Toddler Teacher for the Dolphin Room

Hey!  My name is Emily Lansford. I recently moved to San Marcos a few months ago and am enjoying all of it’s many facets, like it’s small-town feel and the river. I grew up, primarily, in South Texas but recently moved from a Christian, adventure camp out in the Hill Country called Camp Eagle. I love being outside and trying new things. I am a very people-oriented person and my community of friends and family mean a lot to me. I’m very excited to meet and grow with each of your kiddos in our time together. 

Rebecca Young – Toddler Teacher for the Dolphin Room

Hey Y’all! My name is Rebeca Young, I just recently moved to Texas two years ago from New Orleans. I am in school at Texas State University for elementary education, I plan on teaching 2nd or 3rd grade!  I previously worked at a daycare for two years helping run the after-school program and also working in Pre-K.  Outside of work I love shopping, being outdoors, and of course being on the water. I am currently working here on Sundays as a nursery childcare provider during the church services.  I cannot wait to grow with North Shore and Kids Cove and get to know all of the kiddos!

Rhondy Barker – Infant Teacher for the Starfish Room

I am Rhondy Barker.  I moved to the hill country in June from Midland.  I have worked in childcare for many years, including owning my own in-home daycare.  I have a bachelor’s degree in early education and I am the proud mom of 2 grown children and grandma to 3 awesome grandchildren.  For fun I love listening to live music, golfing, and going to the river.  I am very excited to be a part of Kids Cove and caring for your children.

Vanessa Ramirez – Infant Teacher for the Starfish Room

Hi, my name is Vanessa Ramirez.  I have lived in Canyon Lake for about nine years.  For as long as I can remember, I have always loved being around children and teaching them new things.  Before coming to Kids Cove, I worked at another daycare with infants and little ones between the ages of 2 to 3 years.  From the moment I walked in I knew this is where I wanted to be.  I love to spend time with my 7 year old sister in my spare time, taking her swimming as well as doing other fun activities with my family.

Danny Ross – Substitute Teacher

Hi! My name is Danny Ross and I bring joy, encouragement, exhortation and excitement in all settings. I spent 40 years helping others in their pursuits of success through various training and employee development roles. My heart is focused on quality, truth, engagement and celebrating the diverse gifts that we discover in our journey of life. As a father and grandfather, I choose to use generous listening so that I may hear and see clearly. I bring 45 years of experience in child and student ministry as a parent, teacher and mentor. I have served children from all ages. They have taught me in so many different ways as well. My wife and I began our 12th year serving impoverished and homeless men, women, and children in San Antonio. I so enjoy sharing life with all God’s people. The children are the most precious.

Kimberly Kellum – Substitute Teacher

Hi!  My name is Kimberly and I am 20 years old.  I have always enjoyed working with children, even as a child in elementary school I enjoyed playing and helping younger ones.  I have also aspired to work with kids and am excited to watch them grow.  I am eager to pursue my career goal of becoming a pediatric psychiatrist, which entails using my past to help make sure that my students know that they have people on their side and to know that they are loved.  In my free time I help take care of my niece and nephew who are 5 and 8 years old.  My favorite thing to do is come up with fun activities that we can all be involved in but also have lots of fun!  For me, it’s smiles and laughs that make everything worth it!

Kathy Jordan – Volunteer

My name is Kathy Jordan.  I have a strong passion for early childhood education, especially early literacy.  I  have spent 35 years teaching special education students, reading, and Kindergarten.  My postgraduate degree is in Reading Education from the University of Virginia.  It makes my day to watch the children as they learn and grow.  My husband Jon and I moved to Canyon Lake from the Washington D.C. metro area in 2017.  We have a dog named Bluebelle, who is the “apple of our eyes.”  We belong to North Shore United Methodist Church.  I feel so honored to have the privilege of volunteering at Kids Cove.

Sloan Martelli – Afternoon Volunteer

Hi, I am Sloan Martelli and I am an afternoon volunteer at Kids Cove.  I am 27 years old and a graduate at Canyon Lake High School as well as Life Bridges in New Braunfels.  On Fridays I work in New Braunfels as a hostess at Herberts Taco Hut.  I have worked at Herberts for 8 years.  On week days I hang out with my friends at Close to Home, a fun place for people with special needs.  My brother Chance is 19 years old and goes to West Texas A&M.  My dad’s name is Cory.  We love to spend time in the evening catching up about our days.  My mom’s name is Robin, she is a PreK teacher at Kids Cove and she is loving and kind.  I love cooking, dancing, and taking care of my dog Buddy.  He is huge and loving.  I enjoy playing with kids and helping the teachers with anything they need.